Keyworth 2015 – 30th anniversary

The choirs of Feignies & Keyworth – 30 years of Musical Friendship

In 2015, the Keyworth Choir celebrated the 30th anniversary of its twinning with la Chorale de Feignies.  This special anniversary had been heralded the previous year when the Keyworth Choir were enjoying their biennial visit to Feignies and the mayor, Monsieur Joubert, presented Colin with a watercolour picture of Feignies to commemorate our long-standing relationship and friendship.  Although we weren’t quite to the 30th year at that stage, the mayor had been involved with the twinning since its inception and so he wanted to personally present this gift while on ‘home soil’ as he would not be in Keyworth in 2015.  So, with a year from that visit to prepare for our anniversary celebrations, we arrived back in Keyworth determined to plan something special!

After some extra fund raising events, including coffee mornings, a barn dance and some successful bids for grants from the local councils, we raised enough money to cover the 2015 Presentation of WordArt picturevisit. For this special weekend, we hired a band and caterers to provide a hot meal.  We celebrated our anniversary with the rest of Keyworth by giving a free concert of songs performed by the choirs both separately and together in the Methodist church before we went 30th cakeon to our private soirée in South Wolds Academy hall.  The highlight of our concert was a selection from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana by the joint forces of the two choirs.  The evening was a great success and Colin presented Jean-Pierre (conductor) and Yves (president) of the Feignies choir, with a WordArt picture summarising our close relationship over 30 years.

Picnicing in Rufford Country ParkOn the Sunday, we arranged a visit to Rufford Country Park for all of those who wanted to join in and had a lovely time having picnics with our French friends and showing them around the abbey ruins, lake and grounds.  Comme d’habitude we rounded off a superb weekend with each host, or groups of hosts, serving a fine meal to our guests, reminiscing about the good times we have enjoyed over many years . . . . and raising a toast to the next 30!