Feignies 2014

Visit to Feignies in 2014

Contributed by Mary Robertson after her first visit to Feignies in 2014.

“We were excited about the prospect of joining the party that was to descend on Feignies at the end of May. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere on the coach enabled us to converse and fraternise with other members of the Keyworth choir and their partners. As newcomers to the village it was an ideal way to feel more integrated in our community.

Arriving at our French destination it was apparent that reception was warm and re-affirming. Whilst we were new to our hosts the vins d’honneur relaxed us and assured us that this was going to be a hospitable weekend. We cannot thank our hosts enough for their sustained hospitality and attention to meeting our needs. Whilst one of us was practising for the evening concert the other partner was taken off on a conducted tour of the local town. Both choirs rose to the occasion and a sense of unity was created as they joined together to perform such numbers as Ave Verum and Hymne à l’amour. We later adjourned to the local Primary school where we enjoyed a sumptuous four course meal, accompanied by good wines and excellent company. It is an understatement, but the French do not rush their meals and after three and half hours of consumption of food, wine and conversation we repaired with our hosts to our abode for the night. Sunday was a further experience of ‘tourisme’ and wonderful hospitality both in our host’s home and in a restaurant near the Belgian border.

After much fun and the exchange of experiences of the weekend a certain drowsiness descended on the return journey home by coach. There was much to digest. The reception and hospitality of the weekend had been over-whelming. It was clear that the rapport between Keyworth and Feignies built up over 29 years was going from strength to strength. We cannot recommend enough accepting an invitation to be involved in such twinning.”