Choir Committee 2018-2019

Chair: Sarah Dornyei

Deputy Chair: Penny Stace                           Section Reps:

Secretary: Jenny Cook                                   Soprano – Linda Barron

Treasurer: Richard Bassett                          Alto – Penny Stace

Librarian/Music: Paul Cosgriff                     Tenor and bass – Malcolm Shaw

Music: Paul Hubbard

Publicity: Linda Evans

Rehearsal schedule

After the Summer concert, we resume rehearsals on Monday 3 September.

Concert dress


ladies: long-sleeved coloured blouses with black skirts/trousers

men: black shirts, black trousers, coloured bow tie


ladies: black blouses with black skirts/trousers and coloured scarf

men: white shirts, black bow tie, black suits


ladies: summer blouse and skirt/trousers or dress

men: summer shirt and trousers